How To Side Chair

Prepare to fall a few times in you want to learn how to Side Chair. Breakdancing is one of those dancing genres that could be considered a sport. It's highly competitive because of the fact that dancers are constantly trying to shock and awe the audience as well as one up their competition. Each new move created is more exciting. Each new move is more daring and more dangerous. Each new move is a testament to the dancers ability to master their bodies as well as the balance involved in doing moves. The Side Chair is a wild type of Freeze maneuver where the dancer balances their entire body on one arm while posing like their sitting horizontally in a chair. Crazy, right? To attempt a Side Chair you need to have developed great balance and a solid amount of strength in your arms shoulders and wrists. If you feel comfortable trying it, then here it goes. 

  1. Get loose. Don't attempt the Side Chair until you're sure you've stretched very well. Make sure you've stretched your shoulders arms and wrists quite well. Make sure you stretch your entire torso out too. You'll see why in a second.
  2. The Horizontal seat. Start out in the push up position, on your knees with your elbows facing slightly outward. Your palms should be flat and facing forward. Choose the arm you want to balance on. After you've chosen, lift up off of the opposite arm. Twist your torso upward and press your upper arm of your balancing arm into the side of  your rib cage and obliques. Lean on top of your forearm. You'll also need to rotate your forearm so your hand is pointing behind you and your wrist is facing the same way as your chest. The easy part of the Side Chair is now complete.
  3. Balancing, the hard part. In order for this to be a Side Chair you need to lift your lower body off the ground and balance. Yeah, this is definitely the hard part. You'll have to lean forward on your balancing arm. You may even need to rotate your torso slightly backwards while locking your arm into your side to help. Now, lift you legs off of the ground and keep them in a seated position. Poking your butt out in the opposite direction while slightly stretching you legs forward and pulling your knees closer to your abdomen will help your balance. Extending your off arm to the sky will help you balance too.
  4. It ain't easy. Be prepared to fall a few times. This is not an easy balancing act at all. You have to find the positioning that's most comfortable for you to hold yourself up without changing the basic positioning of the maneuver. If you're having too much of a problem balancing you probably need to strengthen your arms, shoulders and back.
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