How To Side Slide

Learning how to Side Slide has got to be one of the easiest breakdancing techniques in the book. It's one of those moves that look really cool, but doesn't take much to learn. Side Sliding needs nothing more than a minimal amount of coordination and a little patience. For all you Pop Lockers out there, the Side Slide is an incredible move to incorporate into the mechanics of your routine. With a little practice you'll be Side Sliding in no time. Well, lets not waste anymore time. Let's learn to Side Slide.

  1. The mechanics. The only body parts utilized in a successful Side Slide are your waist, your legs and feet. Your waist needs to be kept on a swivel. Your legs are used to manipulate your foot movement with a lot of criss-crossing motions. The real trick to the Side Slide move comes from how you use your feet however. You don't plant your feet on the ground. You basically alternate your weight from the front of your feet to their respective heels.
  2. Lets do it. Choose a leg and place it in front of your other leg. The foot of this leg should be up on the toes. For example, if you chose your right leg, you would place it in front of your left leg turned inward forming a "T" shape with your feet. Lift your right legs foot up onto its toes. Next, turn your elevated foot around so your heel is facing outward. Now step down. Raise the front  of your foot off the ground and slide on your heel twisting your foot in the opposite direction.
  3. Choices. At this point in your Side Slide, you can switch it up and do the same thing with your other foot or you can just manipulate your original foot again. Here's where the individual dancer's creativity comes into play. If you continue to Side Slide with the same leg, you'll continue to slide in the same direction. If you switch to the other leg, then naturally you'll move in the opposite direction. If you want to change your direction simply change the direction of the foot you're Side Sliding on.
  4. Simple. As you can see, the Side Slide is definitely one of the easier moves to do. It's a cool way to transition from one hard move to another. A little practice and you'll get it in no time.
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