How To Silk Screen Skateboards

Learning how to silk-screen a skateboard deck can be a challenge. The grip tape and fact you will be stepping all over the deign makes even more challenging. Silk-screen painting a skateboard deck is not impossible however. As son as you understand the technique to silk-screen paint you are set. Silk-screen painting a skateboard deck should be dune with a durable ink. Silk-screening a skateboard deck can boast any design that will fit on the skateboard deck. This article will discuss the process needed to silk-screen a skateboard deck. Follow the directions below to learn one of the ways you can silk-screen paint a skateboard deck.

To silk-screen paint a skateboard deck, you will need:

  • Silk-screen design
  • Squeegee
  • Ink based paint to your likening (color, bright)
  • Blocks
  • Screwdriver
  • Damp towel

How to silk-screen paint a skateboard deck:

  1. Remove the trucks from your skateboard. Use the damp towel to rub down the decking. Once clean and place on a flat surface. Ideally, a shallow wooden box or crate, where the skateboard will fit snuggly would be perfect.
  2. Place the silk-screen over the skateboard. The screen should cover the length of the skateboard. Place a large gob of paint at the starting point. Run the squeegee hard over the skateboard deck.
  3. Complete this motion until you have reached the end of the skateboard deck. Repeat as needed. Carefully remove the silk-screen and reveal the design. Allow to dry overnight before attempting to ride.

Tip: take a strip of grip tape and make a test run on the silk-screen painting.

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