How To Sing Like Axl Rose

Learning how to sing like Axle Rose will not be an easy journey. The Guns and Roses front man has a very unique voice. Axle Rose has the ability to channel his rage and anger, or a great amount of depression and sadness through the words of his song. It's not just his words, but Axle Rose's ability to deliver the words in such a way that his listeners can empathize with exactly what he's saying. You can feel the emotions and feelings pouring out of your speakers when Axle Rose is singing. If you want to sing like Axle Rose, you're going to need to be able to draw the same power through your music. You're going to need to be able to express the same deep emotion. Here's how to sing like Axle Rose.

  1. Your lyrics. You can't write any run of the miss stuff here. No greeting card garbage, and no hollow words with little to no meaning. If you want to sing like Axle Rose, your first step is to write lyrics like him. "We are the people that can find whatever you may need … if you got the money honey, we got your disease". You recognize this lyric? It's from "Welcome to the Jungle". Axle Rose has this very, real, gritty poetic style to his lyrics. You immediately get what he's talking about regardless of how off center the words may be. Up your lyrical game if you want to sound like Axle Rose.
  2. Your delivery. Even more important than your lyrics is your ability to deliver those lyrics in such a way that people can relate to you. Not just relate, but your audience feels the emotion you're trying to convey. If you've written a song about kicking some ass, you want your audience to want to kick some ass. You want them to feel everything that you felt when you wrote the song. The only way to do that is to channel your emotion into your delivery. Axle Rose is a master at this technique. He looks physically exhausted and mentally drained after performing an emotionally charged song because he lives what he sings while he's performing it. You too will have to master this technique if you want to sound anywhere near to Axle Rose.
  3. Look the part. Axle Rose isn't some big, bad, buff dude. But, his stage presence suggests that you wouldn't really want to tangle with the guy. You have to create that same persona for yourself. People take all things into account when they listen to someone's music. The lyrics and delivery have to feel real. Just as important, however, you have to look like you mean what you say. You're not going to perform a song about smashing things while wearing a three piece suit.
  4. It helps if you could have a guy like Slash. This dude could set fire to a guitar when he played. Get a good band behind you. Lyrics don't mean jack if you don't have some awesome music behind you. Remember, your audience is going to take everything into consideration. The music is the set up. If they aren't feeling the music then they wont listen to the words. Make sure your music is on point.
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