How To Sing Country

If you want to learn how to sing country music, perhaps it would be wise to understand what makes a “good” country singer, in contrast to a successful country music singer. Of course, breath control, staying in tune, a hit song, hard work and a lot of luck are all important things that can help you make it in this genre, but not everyone has that “it” factor.

Your talent may take you far, but in order to learn how to sing country, it’s important to examine what “it” is, so that you may learn how to sing country music. After all, knowing how to perform and telling a believable story on stage is only half the battle. Take this top five list of traits to heart and begin to incorporate them into your quest to learn how to sing country.

  1. It takes heart. Observe one of the greatest talents to ever land on the planet, Martina McBride. Watch how she embraces her audience. Her range and power are unrivaled. Study how she moves. She is one of the purest country singers of our time. She sings with her heart and pulls her audience into her soul when she lifts her hands to the heavens to emphasize a hook line.
  2. Don't just croon, tell a story. Although very young, Taylor Swift exhibits a tender charm that reaches into the hearts of all age groups. She does not have a great voice, but her style and deliverance of each country song makes her a perfect example of how to sing country. Hear how she weaves a story to her fans.  She is someone to watch and learn from, especially if you are just starting out.
  3. Know your style. Olivia Newton-John is a legendary lady of country and is the perfect example of how to learn to sing country music with style. Watch old videos of how she doesn’t scream to get noticed; she simply does. She was one of the first to bring about “cross over country" with “Have You Never Been Mellow.” More than her middle-of-the-road songs, however, it's how she makes you believe how heartbroken or, by contrast, how overjoyed she is while she simply stands there. That's takes a certain style and you must have one of your own. Discover yours and there will be no stopping you.
  4. Gain Confidence. Initially, you may not walk out on the stage like gangbusters, but it will come. One way to learn how to sing country would be to closely study the country superstar, Carrie Underwood. Straight from winning the fourth season of "American Idol," she quickly became a country music icon. She has an incredible range and possesses everything needed to teach anyone how to be a country vocalist. Some prefer her quiet dignity as she makes even the hardest of the heated cry with her gut-wrenching ballads, while others love her power-pumping, why'd-you-do-me-wrong cheating songs. You have to determine what suites you best and this will give you eons of confidence.
  5. Don't be a "flash in the pan." Three words. "Dolly Parton" and "longevity." Since her days with Porter Wagner, she has continued to pump out hit after hit, ever changing, ever growing. Listen to her clear, clean voice and learn from it. Observe her facial expressions and the timber of her voice as it effortlessly slides from one country note to the next. She truly is the whole country package wrapped in flamboyant talent. Don't sacrifice yourself just to hit it big, then fall off the face of the planet. Remain true to yourself and have staying power.

To learn how to sing country, take a bit of something from every one of these country artists. They are all unique, as you are. Who knows, maybe someday others will be taking their cue from you.

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