How To Sing Falsetto

How to sing falsetto is really just a matter of practice and patience. Falsetto is a very simple style but in the singing world, it really isn’t used that often. Counter-tenors sing in falsetto and some pop singers choose to as a stylistic choice. Remember before starting that like all singing, mastering the art of falsetto will require lots of practice.

Things you will need to learn how to sing falsetto:

  • A quiet place to practice
  • Water (too keep your vocal cords moist)
  • A tape recorder
  • A mirror
  • Music with examples of falsetto style
  • Vocal coach (optional)
  1. Understand how falsetto works. By singing falsetto, you are pulling your vocal cords very tight. Then, you are blowing small amounts of air through the chords and letting them vibrate. This gives the falsetto its unique sound.
  2. Before attempting falsetto, listen to other singers try the style. Try searching online for counter-tenor music or examples of falsetto style. It will also be helpful to watch someone sing falsetto. This way you can note their stance.
  3. As with any singing, you should drink lots of water to keep your vocal chords moist. In falsetto, drying of the outer ridges can occur, because you are pulling the chords so tight. Keeping your vocal chords moist will help keep them from getting strained and improve your overall sound.
  4. When you practice falsetto, watch yourself in the mirror. You will need to focus a lot on your breathing, and watching your body will be helpful.
  5. To get started, inhale as much as you can. You will need a lot of air in your diaphragm (located just under your ribcage) to produce falsetto style. As you sing, you will slowly release this air.
  6. Try tape recording yourself when you practice. This will help you learn where you need to improve. If you label and save your tapes, it will show you how far you have come.
  7. Get expert help if you want to go further. If you are serious about falsetto singing and want to learn it for more than just a hobby, you should get a voice coach.
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