How To Sing Like James Hetfield

With the renewed popularity of Metallica, many singers have asked the question on how to sing like James Hetfield. James Hetfiled is the lead singer for the band Metallica. He is also the main songwriter and rhythm guitarist. So weather you’re a metal singer looking to pick up some new techniques or just a die-hard fan, get ready to sing like James Hetfield.

  1. Know the basics. James Hertfiled has incredible range for a metal singer. You should have to basics down before trying to copy his technique. Remember to sing using you secondary vocal chords. To practice using your secondary vocal chords make a low “uh” sound. This is also a good warm up to use before singing. Singing your scales is also a baic warm-up many metal singers do.
  2. Listen and watch James Hetfield perform. Listening to James Hertfiled is key to mastering his style. Doing an Internet search for clips of him singing without music (such as practice sessions) might be the most helpful. You should also be aware that his style has changed over the years. In his early years he pushed his voice much too far. This caused him to reportedly lose his voice for a few days, while Metallica was working on the “Black” Album. It is also helpful to watch him perform. Posture effects your sound. You should pay close attention to James Herfield’s posture when he performance.
  3. Record yourself and practice in front of the mirror. Once you have a good understanding of James Hertfiled’s posture and hi sound you should see how your attempt compares. The best way to do this is to record your own voice and to watch yourself practice in the mirror.
  4. Practice does make perfect. It took James Hetfield years to develop his style and he’s still working on it. Don’t expect to sound like him over night. It takes a lot of time to master any form of metal singing and a lot of it is developing stamina with your voice. Remember not to over due it. If your throat starts to hurt then you should stop for the day.
  5. Drink lots of water. With any kind of singing, you need to keep your vocal chords lubricated. Metal singing causes lots of strain so keeping your vocal chords lubricated is even more important.
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