How To Sing Low

In order for you to learn how to sing low, you must first understand that singing low is fundamentally similar to singing high; it just occurs on the opposite end of the voice. The only major difference between the two is the pressure that is put on your air flow for lower notes is slightly less. Other than that, vocal principals may be used to sing both higher or lower.

  1. To sing lower, the first thing that you will need to do is stretch the voice. This is not unlike stretching any other muscle in the body. Before a run, an athlete may stretch to make sure nothing is pulled or strained during the run. In the same way, a singer must stretch his voice to make sure nothing is cracked or strained during a vocal session.
  2. Doing something simple such as humming a low note until you are out of breath and then going an octave higher until the highest possible note is hit is one of the most common ways to “stretch” one’s voice. For trying to sing lower, start at the highest note and hum lower until the lowest possible note is hit.
  3. You can try breathing exercises that will expand the lung’s boundaries, allowing you to put more power behind a low note. Do this by puffing out air directly from the diaphragm in a “huh” or “ha” sound. This allows the diaphragm to handle more strain, thus allowing for lower notes to be hit.
  4. It is important to realize that you cannot simply sing low automatically. It takes time, patience and practice for the lowest notes to be hit.
  5. It is also important to realize that everyone has their boundaries. Obviously, a woman will not be able to sing as low as a man in most cases. This is simply a variation of vocal capabilities.

Once you know your limits, stick to them. It cannot hurt to try and expand yourself a little bit, but trying to sing too low can be detrimental to your vocal capabilities. 

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