How To Sing The National Anthem

Just like a powerful song, learning how to sing the National Anthem takes time, unless you have a natural talent at having great vocals. Many people take the National Anthem seriously, as it shows patriotism to the United States.

  1. Know the words. When we do not know words to the song, we just hum it out, or worse, make up our own lyrics; similar to Frank Drebin's embarrassing singing in the movie, "The Naked Gun." So if you are serious and don't want to be another Frank Drebin, ask a friend who knows the correct way to sing the National Anthem well or look up the lyrics online. Practice for a couple hours until you know the song by heart.
  2. Hit the right notes. Next important thing to knowing the National Anthem lyrics is delivering the correct notes. If you have a natural talent at singing, this could be a walk in the park. If not, you may need tons of help from a vocal coach. A vocal coach assists you in finding the right tone and key suited for your voice.
  3. Learn on your own. Sites such as Youtube may help your greatly in learning to sing the National Anthem; you even find videos from professional vocal coaches that gives lessons on making your singing voice effective and clear. Also, try ‘Vocal Coach’, a website that has free vocal training that will turn your amateur voice into professional.
  4. Go to a sporting event and show off your talent. If you are confident enough that your signing voice perfected and you wowed your family, friends, and maybe Youtube users with your voice, audition yourself to a major or minor sporting game. Send in an audition tape of you singing the National Anthem but make sure you sing a capella and the audio is clear. Look on any your local team website for information about the National Anthem. There might be a request form to send in your inquiry, a contact page, and telephone number  to get in touch with an event manager.
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