How To Sing Pop

OK, so you want to know how to sing pop music. Well, as far as genres of music are concerned, pop music is the most generic form of song. It's not generic in the sense that the singers talents are watered down. No, pop music is generic as far as the subject matter that this form of music touches on. Singing pop music means having the freedom to sing about whatever you want. The most important element of singing pop music is that it's relevant to what's trending at the time. Remember when Michael Jackson called himself the "King of Pop"? He could do that because his music encompassed what was hot during the time. This is why no two of his albums ever sounded the same. As the times changed, he changed his style up to fit those times. Yes, singing pop music means being a musical chameleon of sorts. This is how to sing pop.

  1. What is pop music? Pop music isn't like other genres, such as the Blues, where the subject matter is pretty much focused on sad topics. Nor would singing pop music place you in the Hip Hop category as far as singing is concerned. Pop music borrows a little from all genres. This is why Pop music is always changing. It takes from the genre of music that happens to be hot or "popular" at the time. Hence the name, popular music. So your first step in being a pop singer is being able to write a song that's relevant to the trends of the times.
  2. How does the music sound? Once again, this depends on what's hot at the time. Take for instance the music producer Timbaland. Now is a musician who is a creative genius in his own right. He's been out for years. Most recently (as of 2007 to 2010), his music has really gone mainstream. He's made some killer cuts for Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado during this time period. He blends Electronica with a Hip Hop feel and comes up with a very unique, club worthy sound. Because his style of music is hot right now, you'll see artist after artist trying to reproduce that "Timbaland" sound. In the late 1990's it was Jermaine Dupree's distinct musical flavor that was hot. You heard cut after cut in the club that sounded like a So So Def record (Dupree's record label).
  3. Your singing ability. If you want to sing pop music, then you do need to have some sort of singing ability. Some mainstream artists have gotten by with marginal vocal ability, but that's just because they can afford to beef up their music production. So please, get a singing coach if your voice isn't up to par.
  4. Getting out there. Not all of us are lucky enough to get our respective starts on the Mickey Mouse Club. If you want to sing pop music, then you're going to have to get a demo tape together. You should be able to forward copies of the tape to hometown radio stations. Cross your fingers and hope they play you on the air. You'll also need to shop your demo tape to the clubs. Try to get them to let you perform in front of people. It's the best way to get your name out there.
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