How To Sing Like A Professional

Have you always wondered how to sing like a professional, but lacked the confidence to try to learn? Maybe you’ve been told that you have a nice voice, but you are scared to sing on stage? Do you imagine yourself making a living with your voice and performing in front of your adoring fans? While singing like a professional is not an easy feat, every day someone with less talent makes it in the singing industry. Why shouldn’t it happen to you as well? It is possible to learn how to sing like a professional, but you have to put in the time and work. Dedication to your craft is the key.

  1. Train your voice. Much like an athlete trains and develops their muscles, you have to train your voice to do what you want it to. Singing is all about control, and like an athlete, you must teach your vocal muscles how to work. Learning correct techniques, like range and breathing control, may be what makes you an international star, but longevity and consistency are what will keep you there.
  2. Always warm up. Even professional singers who perform nightly understand that they must not abuse their voice. Before practicing, do some vocal scale warming hums, gradually going higher. Stretch your voice a little more every day.
  3. Practice different ranges. Set aside a certain time of the day to develop your vocal chords. Sing along with your CDs. At first, just work on staying in the tune “pocket.” Avoid the trills and rapid licks that the other pop singers have already mastered. For now, you need to learn how to stay in tune and work on getting your rhythm right. You can master all the fancier stuff after you have developed your own unique style and have learned how to sing professionally.
  4. Consider a voice coach. A singing coach can teach you how to blend your “head” voice with your “chest” voice. Mixing both is much purer and thicker and is the best of both range worlds. A singing professional can show you how to go from the lower notes to the high “head” notes, seamlessly and effortlessly.
  5. Do not imitate. Initially, you may have the tendency to try to sound like other artists whom you admire. Remember, the world already has a Celine Dion, and if you surround yourself with a wide range of influences, you will likely learn how to sing like a professional, not just an imitation of other singers.

Showmanship, stage performance and connection to your audience can be developed later as you gain more confidence in your singing ability. Your dreams can become your reality, if you do not listen to the naysayers and dream-crushers that will try to convince you to give up. Stand up for your talent. Don’t hide your light. The world should not have to do without it.

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