How To Sing Properly

Want to learn how to sing properly? Many people learn to sing and practice singing just by listening to music, but singing properly takes a bit more knowledge and skill. You need to know how to breathe while you are singing to release your best voice.

  1. Knowing your tone. Once you know what tone you fall under (tenor and bass are two examples), you have a much better idea of what vocal ranges you can reach properly. When you sing a song you are not going to expect your voice to be singing a lower part if you voice doesn't have the ability to reach bass ranges.
  2. Good posture helps you sing properly. You are supposed to stand or sit straight up when you sing. To sing properly, you want to give your voice the ability to flow through you as best as possible.
  3. Using your diaphragm. While sitting up or standing, take a deep breath and start singing. You try to aim your breaths around when you are supposed to end the words/melody to your song to sing properly. You'll definitely learn how to do this. When you sing properly, you use the muscles in your stomach, chest and lungs and you can feel you are singing properly. It's quite a workout.
  4. A good singing test. Hum one of your favorite songs. While you are singing, your mouth should tickle a bit from the vibration. That is another way to know you are starting to sing properly.
  5. Get the most from breathing properly while singing. The great thing about learning how to breathe while singing is you get the best sound your voice will make. That's part of how you control your voice and the sound of the song you're singing is supposed to sound. The other methods of singing properly is just natural talent.

Once you learn how to use you lungs to sing properly, you'll notice a difference in the singing notes to your favorite songs and how much of a workout singing is. You really work your lungs and your stomach when you are singing for a purpose.

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