How To Sing With Vibrato

If you want to become a better singer, you'll need to learn how to sing with vibrato. Vibrato is a rapid change in the pitch of a note which helps add warmth and support to your vocal tone. The real trouble with vibrato is not so much using it, since it often comes naturally on sustained notes, but understanding how it works and learning how to control it.

  1. Relax your body and your voice. Tension is the enemy of vibrato. Always stretch out your shoulders, neck and back before singing.
  2. Listen for your natural vibrato. Lay flat on your back with your hand on your stomach, then sing one sustained note. Listen for a vibrato in the sound. Feel your abdominal muscles; if they are too tight, you will have trouble singing with vibrato. Now that you understand the feeling in your abdominals and vocal cords, you'll find it easier to sing with vibrato on purpose.
  3. Begin at low volumes. It may be easier as a beginner to sustain vibrato when singing softly. As you get more practiced at singing with vibrato, increase the volume while still keeping your body relaxed.
  4. Don't force vibrato. Keep your body relaxed and go with the flow of the music. Vibrato will naturally become slower on high notes and wider with increased volume. Practice feeling out your voice's vibrato at different pitches and volumes so you understand how it feels.


  • Vibrato is a tool of musical expression and it will only become dull if you try to sing with vibrato on every single note of a song. Focus on practicing vibrato for long, sustained pitches in order to keep the note warm and interesting. Don't worry about using vibrato on fast notes.
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