How To Size Catcher’s Chest Protector

Knowing how to size catcher’s chest protector is really a task that is done for you going in. Catcher’s chest protectors come in premeasured sizes based on age, from thirteen and a half to sixteen in a half inches, measured from neck to base. This range covers from child to adult sizes.

There are three styles of catcher’s chest protectors. The styles are based around the dynamic of the shoulder protection. One style provides padding to cover both shoulders, another covers one shoulder, normally opposite the throwing arm and the last style has no additional protective padding for the shoulder. So head off to your local sporting goods store or specialty shop and locate the baseball section where you can find the perfect chest protector.

How to size a catcher’ chest protector:

  1. Size will be based on the customer, say an adult. Look for models that are listed as adult of sixteen inches and above.
  2. Put on the catcher’s chest protector. Latch all areas, adjust the strap as appropriate so that the go around your body comfortably.
  3. Tighten straps as needed. It should fit snuggly around your torso, with very little movement
  4. Check the coverage. The chest protector should reach up to your collarbone. If shoulder protectors are present, they should just cover the shoulders. The bottom should hang down to your waist.
  5. Crouch down into a catching position. It should remain comfortable and not impede your movement.
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