How To Size Field Hockey Gloves

Learning how to size field hockey gloves is of vital importance. Many people overlook just how important it is to learn how to size field hockey gloves. When you do not know how to size field hockey gloves it can lead to choosing incorrect gloves which lead to poor control of the stick and poor playing. Properly sizing field hockey gloves is essential for any field hockey player.

  1. Pick a specific style. Sort through all the available styles at your local retailed. Ask to see all of the available styles of field hockey gloves and select the style that looks the most appealing and functional to you.
  2. Try the glove. Place your hand into the new field hockey glove. Place the glove completely on your hand and get a feel for where your index finger reaches to inside the glove.
  3. Measure the glove. Wiggle your index finger and determine exactly where it is located in the glove. Notice if your index finger is at the very tip of the glove allowing you to manipulate the tip of the glove with your index finger. Essentially your index finger needs to be able to move the tip of the glove to control the hockey stick, if it does not the glove is too large. Try a smaller glove if the glove is too large and vice-versa. Many major sporting good stores have sizing charts for field hockey gloves.
  4. Wiggle your hand. Wiggle your hand and each finger inside the hockey glove. Field hockey gloves need to fit snug while still allowing full control of your hand. Determine if you can wiggle each finger independently. Keep searching until you find a glove that meets the characteristics described in steps three and four.

Fit your field hockey gloves before any other piece of equipment, as field hockey gloves are the easiest of all equipment.

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