How To Size Football Shoulder Pads

If you're gonna start playing or are responsible for someone who is, you need to learn how to size football pads. Shoulder pads are used by football players to protect them from injuries. Like all equipment it is important that the pads correctly fit. In order to properly fit shoulder pads follow this simple guide.

  1. To determine the size a player should wear their chest must first be measured. This ensures that a proper fitting is made. To measure the chest take measuring tape and wrap it around the player starting at his pecks until the tape is back around to the starting point. This number will determine the size of the shoulder pads.
  2. Once a proper size is determined the player puts on the pads. The pads have two buckles that need to be fastened. To do this the player pulls the strap under his armpit and fastens it to the front of the pad. They will do the same with the other strap.
  3. Once strapped, it is important to make sure the pads properly protect the player. There are several areas that need to be checked. The first is to make sure the collarbone is covered by padding. The shoulder should be covered by the outer edge of the padding. Check the neck opening to make sure it isn’t too tight. This can be done by gently lifting up the pads and making sure there isn’t too much weight being applied to the collarbone. If this happens first loosen the straps then try again. If this doesn’t work a larger size maybe needed.
  4. Once the pads are inspected have the player put on their jersey and helmet. Allow them time to try them out. The best way to do this is let them run, jump, and hit. Upon contact if the pads move up then an adjustment is needed. The player should always check before a practice or game to make sure the pads fit snug against their chest. This will provide protection.
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