How To Size Golf Clubs

Want to know how to size golf clubs? Sizing golf clubs correctly will affect the swing of your golf club in either a positive or negative way. Having as custom made golf clubs is a way to guarantee a golf club is sized as a perfect fit for you and allow you the best quality for your game. You will be able to give the best performance, speed, and swing, by properly sizing your golf club.

  1. Get assistance from a professional golf store. Visit a local golf store and ask for assistance to help with proper measurements. You many not have to pay for this service if you plan to purchase golf clubs. Be prepared to swing. This will help with the evaluation and determining the proper clubs that work for you.
  2. Decide what is the best material for you. Depending upon how you swing, choosing a golf club made with the right material is extremely important. A lot of golf clubs are made in the shaft material, but they vary. If you have a stronger golf swing you may need a stiff shaft. If you are a beginner and just learning the game, and have a slower swing, a light steel might work best for your. You can get help with this decision at the golf store.
  3. Determine you arm length for the right size golf club. Hold your arms completely straight down by your sides. Have your golf club fitter measure from the tip of your middle finger to the floor. This will give an idea of the proper length club that you need.
  4. Determine your swing speed. Take a regular golf swing with the golf club and lift the club as though you are about to make contact with the golf ball. The speed of the swing of the club in full range will help to determine the flexibility of the shaft that you need. If you have a slower swing speed you might need a more flexible shaft. This will help to improve your distance during a swing.
  5. Make sure that the golf club feels right. When you are getting the correct size of your golf clubs make sure it feels right and is comfortable. Take into consideration everything from the weight, measurement, swing and material of the club. You should feel confident and in control of your swing at all times.
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