How To Size A Hockey Skates Width

Here are instructions for how to size a hockey skates width. Before purchasing hockey skates, knowing which size to buy is very important.  Hockey skates are sized much like shoes with one size for the length of the skate and a second size for the width.  By learning how to size a hockey skates width at home you can save time and energy when purchasing skates at a store.

To size a hockey skates width, you will need:

  • Hockey socks
  • Two sheets paper
  • Chair
  • Pen or pencil
  • Ruler
  • Calculator

Process to size a hockey skates width:

  1. Put on the socks you plan to wear with hockey skates.  This will provide the most accurate measurement.
  2. Place both sheets of paper on the ground.  A flat surface such as a hardwood floor or concrete is required.  Carpet is not recommended.
  3. Sit in the chair and place both feet on the paper.  Place one foot on each sheet.  
  4. Place the pencil perpendicular to the ground and trace around each foot.  Be sure the pencil remains in contact with the foot while drawing.
  5. Use the ruler to draw a straight line between the two widest parts of the drawing.  Repeat this on the second drawing.
  6. Measure both lines to determine which, if any, is longer.  Remember the width, in inches, of the longer line of the two.  This is the width you will use to size your hockey skates. Typically widths range from three-and-a-half inches to five inches.
  7. Draw a line at the furthest part of your toes on each sheet of paper.  Draw a second line at the furthest part of your heel, making sure this line is parallel to the line drawn at the toes.  Measure the distance between these two lines.  This is the length.
  8. Use the calculator to divide the length measurement into the width measurement.  This should result in a number between two and three.  
  9. If the number is larger than 2.65, a normal width or D width, should be sufficient.  If the number is between 2.5 and 2.65, try a wide or E width.  If the number is under 2.5, an EE or extra-wide width may be best.
  10. Use this recommendation to try on skates of your choice.  Start with a skate sized one number lower than your show size and work from there.  Remember that each brand will be sized differently, so try a variety of brands to see which fits best.

Tips to size a hockey skates width:

  • Measure your feet at night as they will be the largest then.
  • Enlist a second person to draw around your feet as they will likely create a more accurate measurement.  If using a second person to draw, you may stand rather than sit.
  • Always try hockey skates on before purchasing when possible as many companies will not accept returns.
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