How To Size A Hockey Stick

Knowing how to size a hockey stick can make all the difference in the world. The proper size of the hockey stick will enable the proper handling of the stick during the course of the game. Having the proper stick size becomes vital in this case, as the stick is the most important piece of gear. Measuring the proper size of a hockey stick is a simple process but be sure you are prepared to do so by following these simple steps.

Things you will need:

  • Ice hockey skates

How to size a hockey stick:

  1. Go to your local specialty sports store or trusted super store and locate the hockey section.
  2. Put on your ice hockey skates and lace them up.
  3. Next grab an ice hockey stick and place the toe of the stick on the ground in front of you (the toe is the very end of the ice hockey stick blade).
  4. With the toe on the ground, the handle should be facing towards you.
  5. Place the handle knob of the ice hockey stick close to your face.
  6. The handle knob should be somewhere between your chin and tip of your nose.

By doing this, you will have measured a ice hockey stick that is the correct size for you, increasing your ability to handle the stick on ice.

Do not try to purchase a hockey stick online until you are confident on the size requirements. This is important to understand, but knowing the proper stick size should not be difficult after the first measurement.             

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