How To Size Skate Skis

Learning how to size skate skis is imperative to being successful at skiing with these types of skis. Classic skis are typically ten to fifteen centimeters longer than skate skis, so it is necessary to resize for skate skis. Sizing skate skis should include overall skiing ability and terrain in addition to height and weight  requirements. Beginning skiers usually should purchase skate skiis which are shorter and wider to provide for more stability.

  1. Measure Height and Weight. Measure your height in inches and your weight in pounds and record each measurement. In order to determine the proper ski length for sizing skate skis multiply your height in inches by 2.6 and add 15. Heavier skiers can round up in length and lighter skiers can round down in length. Lighter skiers should choose the shortest model, heavy skiers should choose the longest length ski, while average weight skiers should choose a medium length ski.

  2. Find the Brand and Model. Take these measurements with you to a local ski shop where you will purchase your skis. Pick a few brands and models you would like to try on. Size skate skis for particular brands by referring to the manufacturer’s sizing chart according to your height and weight.
  3. Use the Squeeze Test. It is important to use the squeeze test when sizing skate skis. Skating skis that are too stiff will lead to stability problems when skiing side to side. A skate ski that is too soft will flatten out under your weight and swivel your foot, leading to an unstable and slow ride in either scenario. The easiest way to test skate skis for flexibility is to hold the skis bas to base just behind the balance point of the ski with both hands. Squeeze the skis together with both hands. If you can squeeze the skis together so that the entire base touches, then the ski is too soft. If you can compress the bases only a little, the ski is too stiff. If squeezing the ski falls in between too much and too little compression, the skate ski is the proper size.
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