How To Skateboard Faster

Many of you skateboarders probably want to know how to skateboard faster. Knowing how to skateboard faster can make riding around easier and more fun, not to mention get you to places faster. Here are some things you will need to get before you learn how to skateboard faster:

  • Skateboard
  • Trucks
  • Bearings
  • Wheels

Once you have gathered all of these materials, it is time to learn how to skateboard faster.

  1. Develop leg and core strength. The first step in learning how to skateboard faster is strengthening your core and your legs. You gain speed when you are pushing off the ground with your dominant leg. If you develop strength in that leg, you will be able to push with more power and gain more speed. You can do this by doing leg exercises, or simply riding your skateboard a lot. Working on your pushing technique will also help you when you are learning how to skateboard faster.
  2. Clean your bearings.  Dirty bearings are your worst enemy when it comes to learning how to skateboard faster. Bearings can get dirty from riding through puddles, and other regular wear and tear. Cleaning out your bearings will allow your wheels to spin more freely and faster. Another solution to dirty bearings is buying new bearings. If you decide to buy new bearings, make sure they have a high ABEC rating as that means they will be faster.
  3. Loosen the nuts on your wheels. The first step in learning how to skateboard faster is loosening the nuts that attach your wheels to your trucks. When the nuts are too tight, they don't allow your wheels to spin as fast. If your wheels aren't spinning as fast as they can, then your skateboard won't be as fast as it could be. If they are too tight, simply loosen them up and you will be going faster in no time. Be careful when loosening nuts; if you loosen them too much you are liable to lose a wheel while riding at high speeds, and that can have disastrous results.
  4. Buy larger wheels. The final step in learning how to skateboard faster is dealing with your wheels. You have probably noticed that pebbles and cracks can slow you down a lot when you are riding on smaller wheels. If you get larger wheels, those kinds of obstacles won't slow you down as much, and you will be able to maintain higher speeds. You now know everything you need on how to skateboard faster.
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