How To Skateboard Goofy

Here are instructions for how to skateboard goofy. Skateboarding goofy means skateboarding with your left foot. Skateboarding goofy is using your left foot as the lead foot, instead of the right foot. Right or wring, in this sport leading with the right foot is considered regular. Lefties are considered goofy because of the age-old argument of the domination of righties versus lefties. The intent of this article is not to resurface this argument but simply to explain how to skateboard goofy. Skateboarding goofy for a lefty may seem natural but it is still considered goofy. So, how to skateboard goofy is a simple task of skateboarding as you normally do or switching the lead foot.

Skateboarding is a wildly popular sport that gave birth to in concept snowboarding. The fascination with the sport spans all ages and even the animal Kingdom. Riding goofy is a natural state of skateboarding. The sport carries several, perhaps, odd traditions and this being one of them. It is a part of the sport that makes it so appealing, the nonstandard tongue in cheek names assigned to many aspects of the sport. Read on and learn the simple basics of riding a skateboard goofy.

Things you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • Skateboarding gear
  • Place to skateboard

How to skateboard goofy:

  1. Place your left foot on the skateboard as the lead foot. Place your right foot in the heel or tail. Push off with the right foot and return it to the heel. You are riding goofy.
  2. Riding goofy may take sometime, so go slow initially. Riding with a different lead foot is harder then you might think. take your time and ease into at first, until you have the feel.
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