How To Skateboard Grind

Learning how to skateboard grind can be a tough task and should be treated as such. Skateboard grinding, or "grinding" as its known, is an advanced trick of this extreme sport. It requires knowing how to do a basic skateboard trick known as the "ollie." There are over a dozen types of grinds with the most common being the "50-50 grind." The 50-50 grind is when the center of both trucks are on the railing or edge (bench, curb, etc.) in a sliding motion.

In order to skateboard grind, you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • A curb, railing, bench or other long, smooth, straight surface 
  1. Begin skating while gaining speed, heading in the direction of the desired platform (railing or edge). Be sure that you are comfortable with the height and length of the platform. It is recommended to start with a twelve to 24 inch base edge. Railings, such as handrails, should not be immediately attempted by inexperienced grinders, as this could lead to injury.
  2. There are two ways to approach the grind. If heading head-on with the platform, you want to ollie at a comfortable distance before reaching the platform, about one and a half to two feet. Keep the skateboard level under your feet until the trucks make contact with the platform. If you are riding parallel with the platform, you want to slightly face the front-side of the skateboard inward towards the platform right before you ollie. Once you are airborne, you will want to pivot the back-side so that both trucks will make contact with the railing.
  3. Once the skateboard trucks are on the platform and sliding, this is what is referred to as the "grind." Balance is required to keep you steady on the platform. You can slide as long as the platform or momentum allows or until satisfied. Don't be too discouraged if you can't grind very far to start off with. Like with anything new, practice makes perfect.
  4. To exit the grind, you also have two options. The first is to lift the front-side of the skateboard and pivot the nose out to the desired or available side. Doing this will inevitably change the course of the back-side trucks and have them follow the movement off of the platform. Keep the foot on the front-side of the skateboard light so the nose isn't forced into the ground and all wheels land on the ground at the same time. Having the nose of the skateboard hit the ground first can cause you to trip. The second option would be if the platform you are grinding on allows you to ride off of the end safely, you can follow through with the grind to the end of the platform, lifting the front-end of the skateboard as it exits the platform to keep it level with the back-side. As the back-side exits the platform you want to land with the wheels parallel to the ground.



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