How To Skateboard On A Halfpipe

Need to know how to skateboard on a half-pipe? Riding a skateboard on a half-pipe can be entertaining and exhilarating, but learning how can be a trial of patience and will. Mastering the half-pipe is about balance and proper technique. The half-pipe offers several opportunities for tricks and a variation on the basics of skateboarding. Learning to handle the half-pipe takes practice and dedication. If you are an instant-gratification skateboarder, then the half-pipe is probably not something you would want to challenge. On the other hand, if you have a little patience and resolve, then by all means try your hand at the half-pipe on your skateboard. Tricks and skateboarding go hand in hand. Tricks make for a more exciting and involved skateboarding experience. Read over the instructions below for tips on riding a skateboard on a half-pipe. You will understand that it isn’t all that difficult once you have mastered the technique.

To ride a half-pipe on a skateboard, you will need:

  • A skateboard
  • Skateboarding gear (helmet, pads, etc.)
  • A half-pipe
  1. Strap on your safety gear, especially a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Riding a skateboard on a half-pipe can lead to spills, and some can be quite serious. Start on the bottom of the half-pipe.
  2. Ride your skateboard up either side as far up as you feel comfortable. Be sure to approach at an angle so you can turn your momentum downward. Do this until you feel comfortable with your balance and board management coming down the incline.
  3. After you have established some balancing technique, try increasing your move up the half-pipe. Reach as high up as you can go and rock your skateboard back and forth between the two sides. When you reach your comfort level, take it to the top of the half-pipe.
  4. There should be a launch ramp at the top of the half-pipe. Take your position there. With your trailing foot placed on the tail, push the board out over the edge. The tail should be on the edge of the half-pipe pinned by your foot.
  5. When ready, release the pressure on the tail and let the skateboard drop. Quickly place your lead foot in the middle of the skateboard with your trailing foot still on the tail. Bend at the knees as you move down and straighten as you move up the other side. To continue riding the half-pipe, turn downward and mimic the same movements back and forth.
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