How To Skateboard In The Rain

While skateboarding when it is wet out is not advisable, skaters can learn how to skateboard in the rain safely. Sometimes, skateboarding in the rain is simply inevitable. Skaters who live in commonly rainy places like Seattle or certain parts of Florida where it rains nearly every day, should not retire their skateboards due to a few rain showers.

  1. Be Careful while Skateboarding in the Rain. Skateboarding within itself can be a dangerous sport, so skateboarding in the rain heightens the chances of injury. While skateboarding in the rain, avoid any tricks or uneven terrain to prevent injury. Only skate on smooth familiar grounds if skateboarding in the rain is completely necessary.
  2. Avoid Extremely Heavy Rain, Puddles. Skateboarding in heavy rain should be avoided at all costs. If you would not drive in it, do not skateboard during a heavy rain shower or thunderstorm. Additionally, do not skate through puddles. Puddles can be deeper than they appear and skating in a deep puddle while it’s slippery and wet out is asking for a serious injury.
  3. Wear the Proper Shoes. Some skate shoe brands make skating shoes with rain and other unfavorable conditions in mind. Purchase skate shoes with built in protective barriers and anti-slip soles if you plan on skating in rain at any point. These shoes can help you maintain a good grip on your skateboard while skating in the rain and last longer than other skate shoes without these built in features.
  4. Take Care of your Skateboard. After coming in from a rainy skate adventure, wipe any excess water from your skateboard. Use a hair dryer to completely dry any moisture that may be left behind. Leaving your skateboard dripping wet could cause your skateboard deck to deteriorate and your trucks or wheels to rust.
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