How To Skateboard In A Skate Park

Skate parks are like little countries, each with their own rules and every skater should learn how to skate in a skate park to prevent injuries and exhibit basic skate park etiquette.

  1. Wait Your Turn. Being polite and waiting your turn is a huge part of skate park etiquette and it can get you very far in making friend with other skaters. Let others go first and wait in line for your change to skate across the skate parks various ramps and bumps. Watch out for other skaters to prevent collisions. Do not start trouble or you could be banned from the skate park indefinitely. Treat others how you would like to be treated while skating in a skate park.
  2. Always Keep Weight on Your Front Foot. Practicing in your driveway or your neighborhood streets is totally different from skating over banks, ramps, down slopes and rails at a skate park. Keep your weight on your front foot while you transition to skating over the new terrain. Skateboarding over flow, the sloping curves of a skate park, can often be tricky, but faking your way over ramps and slopes by keeping your weight on your front foot can make the transition easier.
  3. Keep Your Knees Bent. Bending your knees and staying as loose as possible is another key to transitioning to skating in skate parks. Bent knees helps the joints absorb the impact resulting from bumps and sudden changes in skate parks. The more relaxed and bent a skaters knees are, the better they will skate.
  4. Wear Protective Gear. Many skate parks are notorious on safety and their operation tends to depend on the safety of their skaters. Therefore, if a skate park exhibit’s a sign declaring all skaters must wear a helmet, wear the helmet. If skaters are caught without helmets in skate parks that require them, the entire park could be shut down. Also, with higher volumes of traffic, skating in a skate park could spell higher incidences of injury and collisions for your own safe wear a helmet while skating in a skate park.



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