How To Skateboard In The Winter

Many avid skateboarders want to know how to skateboard in the winter. There are certain difficulties that arise when it comes to learning how to skateboard in the winter, but it can be a very rewarding endeavor. Before you start learning how to ride a skateboard in the winter, you will need to gather these items:

  • Skateboard
  • Warm clothes

Once you have these materials, it is time to start learning how to skateboard in the winter.

  1. Wear layers. Chances are it is going to be pretty cold during the winter, so make sure to bundle up. When it comes to learning how to skateboard in the winter, try to wear layers. This will keep you warm when you start skateboarding, and after you have built up a sweat you can remove some layers to cool down. Just make sure you don't remove too many layers; skateboarding naked is a dangerous hobby.
  2. Find spots without snow. The second step in learning how to skateboard in the winter is finding spots without snow. Many places, such as parking lots and in front of stores, are cleared of snow each day. That means that these spots can be good to skate when the selection of spots is low. Snow will melt faster any place that gets plowed, making a more viable skating spot.
  3. Skate at an indoor skate park. Indoor skate parks are open year-round and a great option when you want to skateboard in the winter. The only drawback here is that these places can get pretty crowded—you aren't the only person who wants to know how to skateboard in the winter after all. Another similar choice is to find buildings you can skate in. Just make sure you are actually allowed to skate in them before you start skating. 
  4. Visit a warmer climate. A good winter vacation is the last step in learning how to skateboard in the winter. Go to a warmer climate with no snowfall and marvel at the skating spots that are opened up to you. It's always summer somewhere, and you can take advantage of that to not only skateboard in the winter, but find some great new spots.



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