How Skateboarding Was Invented

Skateboarding is a very popular sport these days, though most skateboards do not know how skateboarding was invented. Most people do not think of it as a sport but rather as more of a hobby. There are many who do see it as both; you may see many young people gathered together at a skateboarding park doing all kinds of tricks. Many use ramps to ride up or slide down and even doing flips on the skateboard. 

Let's explore a little history of the skateboard. Skateboarding started in the 1950's; it was mainly a group of different people from California who had their own individual ideas of how skateboarding should be done. The first skateboard was made of wooden boxes with roller skate wheels on the bottom of the wood. Because there was no patent for skateboarding, there were many injuries, and skateboarders were pretty much doing their own thing.

In 1963, skateboarding became more popular. Companies even started sponsoring skateboarding competitions throughout the different cities. Torger Johnson, Danny Berer and Woody Woodward are three well known skateboarders. They had a way of skateboarding that is different from what we see today. They did what is known as freestyle skateboarding, but it was more of a ballet dance or ice skating on a skateboard.

Throughout the evolution of skateboarding, there were more ups and down as far as its popularity went. The decreases in popularity never stayed down too long. There were still people skateboarding and coming up with ways for it to work even better then. Skateboarding had one of its highest peaks in the 90's; this is when it was associated with punk music and the whole gothic era.

Over the years, skateboarding has evolved more and more, making it an ongoing popularity sport. Even now, there is no telling where it can go; that is one thing about the sport that makes it unique. There is no limit on where it can go and skateboarders are surely not afraid to show you how far they can go themselves.


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