How To Ski Backwards

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to ski backwards. Skiing backwards is a great tool to have when teaching others how to ski–and is also a great trick that can be used to impress your friends. Remember to practice this skill a lot in an area that is free from traffic before using it on a highly trafficked slope.

  1. Put on comfortable clothes that will protect you from the environment. These clothes should also allow for ease of movement as you learn to ski backwards.
  2. Find a slope that is for beginning skiers. The slope should be wide, and should not be very steep. Having a relatively gentle slope will provide you with confidence as you move your way down the slope.
  3. Stand with your back facing the bottom of the hill. Turn your head to the side, and look over your shoulder. Slowly begin to descend the hill, using the same techniques you employed when you first began to learn how to ski. Use the traditional "wedge" or "pizza" pose to carefully make your way down the hill.
  4. As you become more confident with your ability to ski backwards, begin to experiment with skiing side to side. Moving side to side will allow for both more control and a greater ability to adjust your speed as you move down the hill.
  5. Practice skiing backwards. The more you practice this skill, the better you will become at it. You'll be able to teach your friends how to ski backwards in no time at all!


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