How To Ski A Black Diamond

Learn how to ski a black diamond slope if you want to try one of the most difficult ski courses. These slopes are hard to maneuver and should only be attempted by skiing veterans. Black diamond slopes are generally steeper than the intermediate and beginner level slopes and they can often have obstructions such as trees or moguls. Triple black diamonds are even more difficult and should only be attempted by experts due to their highly dangerous terrain.

  1. Learning how to ski a black diamond slope requires, at minimum, a basic understanding of the rudimentary skills of skiing. If you have never skied before, you should not attempt a black diamond. However, if you are going to attempt to ski one, you should have mastered the basics of slowing down, turning and making small jumps.
  2. Hire a ski instructor to teach you the best way to ski a black diamond. Instructors will know the different courses on the mountain the best and will be able to direct you to the most manageable black diamonds. Ski instructors will also be able to watch and critique your skiing and will ultimately let you know whether you can attempt a black diamond or if you need more practice.
  3. Take your first attempt slowly. Do not rush down a black diamond if it is your first time trying the slope. Many of the simpler black diamond slopes will look just like intermediate courses, but they are labeled as advanced slopes for a reason. There is usually at least one tricky spot on every black diamond that will require you to be able to slow down quickly or to make a sharp turn.
  4. When you ski a black diamond you should make sure you know what the course consists of. A black diamond will usually be one of three things or a combination of the three. Some are very steep, which will make it difficult to turn and slow down. Some have trees around the edges and in the middle of the slope and are narrower than most beginner and intermediate slopes. Some will have moguls, which are small drifts of snow that will force you to either go around them or jump over them.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. Even after figuring out what is in store for you within a black diamond course, you must practice constant vigilance.  Sometimes reckless skiers will fly through black diamonds, throwing caution to the wind and hoping they make it to the bottom in one piece. You should not be one of these people and should avoid them at all costs.
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