How To Ski A Box

Learning how to ski a box rail can be an excellent form of exercise and a great source of entertainment, especially during those long winter months. Although it takes a great deal of practice, with enough time on the slopes, most beginners can become quite proficient by the end of the snow season. After you become skilled on the mountain, you may want to tackle tricks for other types of fulfillment. One important maneuver to learn is skiing on a box rail. A box rail is a railing specifically set up on which to perform tricks.

To ski a box rail, you will need:

  • Skis
  • Snow
  • A box rail
  1. As you approach the box rail, the key to successfully grinding is confidence. Picture yourself actually grinding on the box rail. This will act as a preliminary plan, and with practice you can train your body to automatically know what to do.
  2. There is no need to advance toward the box rail from a specific side. Instead, approach the box rail from straight ahead. This helps you remain square with the box and keep your balance when performing the initial jump onto the rail.
  3. While sliding across the box rail, keep your skis flat with the weight centralized. This ensures balance and prevents you from catching an edge of the box or sliding out backwards.
  4. If you lose your balance or run out of speed during this maneuver, jump off the side of the box rail on which you are leaning. If you are close to the end, simply lean forward so you come off frontward.
  5. As you come off the rail, there are a few options. You can land in a regular position, switch or spin off the rail.

Once perfected, this maneuver can be a fun trick. It also opens the door for many other side maneuvers. Initially it’s difficult, but it comes down to confidence, focus, practice and weight distribution during the process. Be sure to check the box rail for any potential hazards or safety issues prior to skiing across it.



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