How To Ski A Chute

There are many techniques needed to learn how to ski a chute. A ski chute is a steep, narrow section of a mountain that requires a few tactics to ensure it’s performed correctly. Although it can be a dangerous and daunting task, following these tips will help you fly through it safely and successfully.

  1. Before starting, it’s important to visually inspect the ski chute. You’re looking for any types of objects that could impede your path such as rocks, trees and other skiers. Based on these objects set up a tentative plan of attack on where you’ll be making turns on the ski chute. Try to map out our path. Since plans can go askew at any moment and turns may be missed, this plan will not be set in stone.
  2.  Check in over the edge after, when it’s safe to see if there are other skiers below you. If so, give them some space to maneuver.
  3. Move into the ski chute with your skis pointed perpendicular.
  4. Tilt your upper body down the hill by depositing your right pole in the snow.
  5. Jump into the air and rotate 180 degrees. This is known as a jump turn.
  6. While rotating slide your right back foot to ensure a proper landing. You’ll land the opposite direction from where you began.
  7. While progressing through the ski chute, make sure to keep your shoulders down. Also twist the upper portion of your body relative to your lower body. This position will make jump turns much easier.
  8. If needed, take a break but make sure you’re all the way over to the side of the ski chute so you aren’t in the way of other skiers and you aren’t subjected to those that have lost control.
  9. Proceed with skiing until you’ve exited the ski chute.

Tips and Warnings:

  • One of the most important things to remember is keep your focus and don’t panic.
  • Always ski in pairs for safety reasons
  • Practice makes perfect. Practice your jump turns in a safe environment prior to implementing them on the chute.
  • Due to the nature of the sport, skiing can be dangerous. Make sure to use the correct equipment and undertake the proper training necessary prior to attempting this activity.
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