How To Ski Doo On Water

Those who are located in an area where snowmobiles are not used for recreation must be wondering how to ski doo on water. A ski doo is a snowmobile that when used with sufficient speed and power it can actually glide across the water. This fact looked dangerous but at the same time it is fun and exciting for others. You should remember though that practice makes perfect before setting out in an open body of water for ski doo. Here are some guidelines on how to ski doo on water.

  1. Safety First. Before anything else it is best to think of your safety while driving your ski doo on the water. Anything can happen along the way so it is best to protect your head with a helmet and wear appropriate clothes. It would be best to wear a life jacket every time you go out skipping your automobile on the water.
  2. You must know how to drive the ski doo. It is not wise to try out skipping the snowmobile across the water when you are not skilled enough with the basics. It is important that you know how to drive and manage the snowmobile to avoid accidents related to improper handling of the machine.
  3. Check your ski doo condition. A well maintained ski doo may not cause too much trouble but of course if your ski doo has been kept and was not used in years then it is best to have it checked by a professional before using it. Also check if it has enough gas to run.
  4. Look for a good pond or lake to start. It is a good idea to start in a small body of water. A gradually sloping shore is an ideal spot for ease of starting and stopping.
  5. Warm your ski doo. It is important that your engine is warm before setting off as skipping over water with a snowmobile will require a lot of power from the engine and this is not possible if the snow mobile is not all warmed up.
  6. Look for a clear spot to start and end. The shore of the lake and the opposite end should be clear of any destruction. You don't want to hit on anything that may cause accidents. So it is best to choose a wide open space to start and finish.
  7. Speed up when you hit the water. Hold the throttle wide open once you hit the water. This will speed up the ski doo so that enough speed is acquired to keep you from accelerating through the water. Remember that it needs enough power and speed to get you across the water.
  8. Lean slightly back. You don’t want to keep too much pressure on the ski so lean back and hang on tight. When you are about to hit the opposite of the lake, prepare to slow down when you hit the ground.
  9. Always follow standard safety procedures. Even if you feel you are already a pro to this activity, it would be best to follow safety procedures. Keep away from pulling a stunt. Remember that snow mobile accidents can be fatal especially if you are still learning how to ski doo on water. 
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