How To Ski On Flat Ground

If you are used to skiing downhill, learning how to ski on flat ground might seem challenging. Even if you only want to ski downhill, you still have to get to the chair lift. You can't always ski in a resort that has a downward slope from the front door of your cabin. The following strategy will help you learn how to ski on flat ground whether you are cross country skiing or just skiing to the chair lift.

  1. Pretend you are walking. It doesn't matter whether or not you have skis on your feet. Bio-mechanically, you are making the same basic motion. You should bend your knees and make sure that your skis are pointing forwards (just like your feet, if you were walking).
  2. Use your ski poles to promote forward motion. Skiing on flat ground requires you to use poles. Push off the ground with your poles. Depending on the direction you want to go, you will propel yourself with the ski poles left or right. Make sure to alternate your ski poles.
  3. Shift your bodyweight. Shift your bodyweight from side to side each time you pick up you ski. Remember to have your knees bent and not locked. This will help you to maintain your balance on flat ground.
  4. Focus on your form. Unlike walking, you want to glide when skiing on flat ground. You will also want to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed. Your body should be slightly forward.
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