How To Ski On Parabolic Skis

Do you want to now how to ski on parabolic skis? Parabolic skis were developed resembling the shape of snowboards, with wider ends and a narrower middle section. This determines a few differences when compared with regular straight skis. Most of these differences make parabolic skis easier to learn on.

To learn how to ski on parabolic skis, you will need:

  • A pair of parabolic skis.
  • A set of skiing equipment: boots, clothes, gloves.
  • Safety equipment: a helmet is very important.
  • A snowy hill.

To learn how to ski on parabolic skis, you have to:

  1. With your ski boots on, put your parabolic skis on. A flat surface is preferable for this very first moments.
  2. Try sliding forward one ski at a time. Note that the wider tips and backs on the parabolic skis make balance quite easy.
  3. Once you are familiar with the balance on parabolic skis, try sliding down a gentle slope. For this stage do not use poles, as you might fall over them and get hurt.
  4. When you manage to slide down a gentle slope without taking a fall, you´re ready for taking off from the chairlift. Do not use the chairlift unless you are confident that you´ll make it down.
  5. Start with easy slopes, trying to make as many turns as possible. Turning with parabolic skis is quite simple. You have to put pressure on the thumb of the side you want to turn to while slightly lowering the shoulder of the same side.
  6. Turning is the key to control speed on parabolic skis, so keep turning and you´ll gain confidence to try steeper slopes soon.

Regardless of these tips, remember that skiing is a dangerous sport, and should be practices carefully. Taking ski lessons has proved to be a good investment, as it will save you money in medical bills and will also enable to enhance your skiing experience.

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