How To Ski Parallel

Many new skiers think it is hard to learn how to ski parallel. The truth is that learning how to ski parallel is one of the most desired tasks for new skiers and can appear to be challenging. Learning how to ski parallel is actually easier than skiing in other formations, such as wedge. When skiing parallel, both skis will be doing the same thing and is slightly less challenging. When learning to ski parallel you may find it is easier to accomplish in one direction than the other. This often happens due to one leg being stronger than the other.

Things you'll need:

  • Skiing gear and safety equipment
  • Access to ski slopes
  1. Pick a slope. Pick a slope to practice to learn how to ski parallel. Find a beginner slope without many obstacles. Do not pick a slope with a steep incline as this will make it harder when first starting out.
  2. Get into position. Stand at the top of the slope. Place your skis across the slope. Position your skis at about a ten to fifteen degree across the slope.
  3. Launch yourself. Launch yourself onto the slope in position to ski parallel. Distribute your weight evenly onto both skis. Do not put the weight on your toes but rather in the middle of your foot between your toes and heels. Press your shins against the tongues of your ski boots and bend your knees in an uphill fashion.
  4. Turn in the other direction. Repeat the same process in step three. Point your skis in the opposite direction to turn in the opposite direction.
  5. Continue to ski parallel. Use the process from steps three and four to continue to ski parallel. Turn in both directions using the aforementioned technique when learning to ski parallel. Practice turning in position if you are not comfortable on the slopes just yet.


  • Do not use your body weight to turn when learning to ski parallel. Use your shins and legs.
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