How To Ski On A Rail

Learning how to ski on a rail takes balance and concentration. Skiing on a rail is more difficult then on a snowboard. Skiing on a rail takes a little more know how and control. Learning this skill is a great way to open the door to additional tricks. Skiing on a rail is an intermediate level trick and should be taken seriously. Learning how to ski on a rail will take practice and should be done slowly to begin. This article talks to t the routines of skiing rails and how to go about doing it. Read the directions below to get an idea of what is involved in skiing a rail and decide for yourself.

What you will need to know to stick this trick:

  • Intermediate skill level
  • Freestyle skis
  • Slope
  • Rail
  • Skiing gear

How to ski a rail:

  1. Warm up and stretch out. Double-check all your gear to ensure they are in working order. Check the binding to ensure they are tightly locked in. Make a few runs down the slope to get a feel for the grade and feel of the approach.
  2. When you make you approach, turn slightly into the rail. Bend at the knees and jump up onto the rail. Keep the center of your balance between the bindings. Maintain this on the rail as you grind.
  3. When ready to dismount, turn away from the rail slightly. Slide of the edge of the rail, turning into the landing. Bend at the knees and allow your skis to make contact and move forward.