How To Ski A Rail

Learning how to ski a rail is a fantastic way to increase your trick rotation. Grinding rails on skis is a great way to fine-tune your game. Grinding rails on skis is excellent fun and can be very challenging. Learning how to grind rails on skis is the topic of this article. The below routine will help instruct the skier on the dynamics of learning to grind a rail. Rails come in different shapes and sizes but the mechanics are the same. Grinding rails if a great way to work on some of the dynamics of skiing. Such things as balance and body control are key components of grinding rails. Learning to grind rails has lots of advantages, so why not go out and learn it?

What you will need to pin this trick:

  • Skis
  • Ski gear
  • Rail
  • Advanced skill level
  1. Warm out by making some runs and stretching out your muscles. Check the rail for stability and any danger zones. Verify you are strapped in and your gear is engaged.
  2. Make a few warm up approaches to the ramp leading to the rail. Once comfortable head back up the mountain and prepare for your run. You needn’t a bunch of speed or air to rail grind, so watch the speed.
  3. When you are on the ramp, pull up on the legs. Stick the bottom of the ski against the rail. Positioning should be between the bindings for both skis. Keep your arms out for balance and ride the rail.
  4. Bring the arms in as you approach the end of the rail. Bring arms in and turn slightly in the direction of the dismount. Push off the rail and turn your body forward. Land on both ski with your knees bent.
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