How To Ski Rails

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to ski rails. Skiing rails is a great trick you can use on the slopes to impress friends and family and will provide you with a greater sense of adventure and skill when done correctly. Have fun!

Things you'll need:

  • Skis and skiing equipment
  • Snow park with rails
  1. Practice sliding with skis on a box in order to get the feel of having your skis on a surface other than snow. Make sure to keep your weight centered as you slide on the box. Practice dismounting from the box back down to the snow.
  2. Locate a small rail that is close to the ground for your first attempts. This way, you won't be very far from the ground if you fall.
  3. Approach the rail with a decent amount of speed. If you're skiing too slow you will fall off of the rail. As you approach the rail, keep your eyes glued to a spot on the rail where you intend to land your skis. Keep your knees bent as you make your way towards the rail.
  4. Maintain confidence as you jump onto the rail. Twist your body, bringing your skis completely perpendicular to the rail. Keep your weight evenly distributed between both skis with your weight centered over the skis.
  5. As you reach the end of the rail, turn your shoulders and skis so they are facing downhill. Don't try to jump off the rail. Simply bend your knees and land as you dismount the rail.
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