How To Ski On Shaped Skis

Learn how to ski on shaped skis and you'll up your skiing game. Shaped skis,also known as parabolic skis, have replaced old-style long, skinny skis as the ski of choice on the slopes today. Shaped skis are shorter and fatter than old-style skis. The shape of the skis—narrow in the middle and wider at the tips and tails—makes carving professional looking turns easier for everyone. You'll ski longer and better on shaped skis.

  1. Ski with your feet shoulder width apart. This stance gives you more stability on the snow and makes it easier to steer the skis. Your weight should be evenly distributed over both skis to start.  Bend your knees slightly and face forward.
  2. Use a delicate touch. Shaped skis practically turn themselves, so you don't need to use a lot of muscle to ski on shaped skis. To initiate a turn, apply pressure to the big toe side of the foot on the side you want to turn. Pretend you're stepping on a gas pedal.
  3. Transfer weight to turn in the opposite direction when you're skiing on shaped skis. Apply pressure to the big toe of the opposite foot. Carving perfect S turns requires only a steady rhythm of weight transfer. But don't shift all your weight. You still want to distribute your weight fairly evenly over both skis.
  4. Use your poles to help establish your rhythm as you ski on shaped skis. Reach out and plant your ski pole on the side you intend to turn. As you come around on that side, reach forward and plant your pole on the opposite side. Keep your upper body facing forward, down the slope.
  5. To stop, apply more weight to the inside ski to skid to a stop, with your skis still parallel.


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