How To Ski On Steep Slopes

Do you want to know how to ski on steep slopes? Skiing in most big mountains can be a peaceful activity if you stay on novice or intermediate trails. But when you go to the most difficult runs, you might find yourself trapped, with not many choices other than skiing down a steep slope. Knowing how to ski these slopes is the difference between spending a good day on the snow or compulsory hike down a huge mountain.

To ski on steep slopes, you need:

  • Skis with sharp edges. The edges are the part of the skis that defines how well can you ski down a steep and difficult slope. So tune your skis before heading down a difficult slope.
  • A beacon reflector. Some brands offer jackets, helmets or even ski boots that carry a beacon reflector, that will make avalanche rescue operations way easier.
  • A helmet. You should always use a helmet when skiing, but even more when skiing on steep slopes.

The steps to ski on steep slopes are:

  1. Go from small to big. Take turns often, and keep your traverses quite perpendicular to the slope. This way you will avoid gaining too much speed. As you gain confidence, try turning at higher speeds, always avoiding loosing control.
  2. Keep your skis close to the snow. Acceleration exponentially grows when you are not in direct touch with the snow. So if you stay aground, the speed will be easier to control.
  3. The edges of your skis must copy the surface. This way, friction helps you keeping a steady course and speed.
  4. Between trees, double your attention. If you add trees to a steep slope, the chance of getting hurt grows, hence your attention must grow too. Anticipate your turns but don´t always stick to the plan. Sometimes you´ll be surprised by the snow conditions or unexpected obstacles, and you have to improvise. Do so carefully and always control speed.

Remember to always use a helmet when skiing. Gravity is not forgiving.

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