How To Ski A Terrain Park

Learning how to ski a terrain park can take you a bit of time, as you need to first get skiing in general down pat. Before you hit the park, you should make sure that your skiing skills are up to par and make sure that you have the right equipment. These things are essential if you want to learn how to ski on moguls and ramps and perform jumps, all of which you will be able to do in terrain parks. The following tips will help you prepare to ski in a terrain park.

  1. Practice should be the first thing you work on when preparing to ski in a terrain park. You simply cannot get enough practice. Ski easy, medium and hard, black-diamond slopes until you have complete control of yourself and your skis.
  2. Before actually trying to ski terrain park slopes, make sure you have the best gear. Buy or rent new gear if you have to, but your skis, boots and outerwear should be up to your standards for comfort and safety.
  3. Once you feel that you have enough experience to try the terrain park, practice first on small jumps elsewhere. A terrain park is full of structures, and to ski it successfully you will need to be able to maneuver through moguls and jumps with ease, or use them as the basis for tricks, which is the reason why most people ski the terrain park slopes in the first place.
  4. Once you think you can handle structures, try skiing on any slope that has a lot of moguls. Try working on basic tricks on these slopes, beginning with jumping. You will need to be able to jump if you anticipate skiing the terrain park with success and purpose.
  5. Once you are able to ski on moguls and control your skis perfectly, you can actually try the terrain park. When you can successfully use moguls or ramps to jump, you can try out your skills at the terrain park. Go easy the first few times until you get it down, but work your way up until you can use its structures to perform tricks and jumps.

Learning how to ski in a terrain park takes a lot of practice, but the resulting thrill will be well worth it. Once you have mastered control of your skis, you should definitely give it a shot.

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