How To Ski On Twin Tips

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to ski on twin tips. Twin tips have gained more popularity in recent years and are now nearly as popular as snowboards due to their wide range of maneuverability. In order to be comfortable on your twin tips, it is essential that you practice enough to be able to turn, stop and perform other simple tasks easily. You'll do great!

  1. Before skiing on twin tips, it is important that you understand the differences between twin tip skis and regular skis. Twin tip skis are shorter and wider on each end with upturned tips. These upturned tips provide for greater maneuverability, allowing you to ski backwards and perform tricks that require you to land facing backwards. Finally, it is essential to understand that your center of gravity when using twin tip skis will be different from those of regular skis. The center of gravity on twin tip skis is in the center of the skis, providing equal balance between both the front and back parts of the skis when landing.
  2. Locate an area that is free from other skiers or only allows advanced skiers. This way you won't have to worry about injuring others. Also, it will ensure you have enough room to perfect the skill.
  3. Though you can purchase twin tips, you may want to rent initially to find out if you enjoy them enough to purchase your own pair. Ski rental shops will typically offer a supply of twin tip skis available to rent. Make sure to speak with someone who specializes in twin tips to find the pair that best suits your needs.
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