How To Skimboard On Waves

Learning how to skimboard on waves is a huge progression for any skimboarder. In fact, when you learn ho to ride waves on a skimboard, it almost seems like a new sport. There is really no comparison between flat-water skimboarding and waveriding. To skimboard on waves you will need to combine elements of surfing, skateboarding, and your existing skimboarding skills.

  1. Choose your wave carefully. You want to wait for a big set to wash water up on the beach. Multiple wave sets are ideal. The initial wave provides water to skim on, and later waves provide rideable sections.
  2. Once you’ve picked a wave, and checked for water, run at full speed, toss your board, and hop on. This is a basic skimming skill that you should have mastered before attempting to ride waves on a skimboard.
  3. Pump to the wave. You will need to ride over deeper water to reach the wave. If you ran fast you should have enough speed. Pump over chop and whitewater by applying moderate pressure to your back foot.
  4. Do a wrap. Once you reach the wave you are going to want to hook around to connect yourself to the waves energy. Do this like a modified top turn on a surfboard. This turn is a key part to riding a skimboard on waves. If you don’t surf, and don’t know how to do a top turn, perform a hard, sharp, turn at the crest of the wave and let gravity pull you down the face of the wave.
  5. You should now be on the wave, ride it, do turns, do aerials, or try to get barreled. The wave is calling most of the shots by now.
  6. Pick the sand out of your butt-crack and try it again.


  • Choose the right board. Foam and fiberglass skimboards that resemble tiny finless surfboards are best for waveriding. It is possible to skimboard on waves using a wooden board, but it is far more difficult.
  • Find the right beach. An ideal skimboarding beach has shorebreak waves breaking directly over smooth sand. If a wave looks almost surfable but is breaking directly on the sand, it is perfect for skimboarding on waves.
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