How To Skimboard

Want to learn how to skimboard? Learning how to skimboard can be a fun activity. Similar to surfing, skimboarding requires water but not always needs to be at the beach. Primarily though, skimboarding is done at the beach. Learning how to skimboard takes timing and balance. Once you get better at it, you can actually perform  skimboarding tricks similar to skateboarding. Skimboarding is also a great stepping-stone for those wanting to learn to surf. Skimboards are far less expensive and much easier to make yourself, too.

About skimboards:

What is a skimboard? A skimboard is simply a thin board made of one of various materials (wood, plastic, styrofoam, fiberglass etc.) which you use to ride as you skim across thin water surfaces or residue.

Things you will need, to learn how to skimboard:

  • Skimboard
  • Beach
  • You can also skimboard at a wading or beach pool

How to skimboard:

  1. Find a nice spot at the beach where there isn’t so much foot traffic. Wait for a wave to hit the beach. As the wave recedes, it will leave a wake (water residue). This is a perfect place to skimboard.
  2. Run towards the residue with your skimboard in hand. Drop the skimboard flat on the area where the water receded. When you drop the skimboard, do so flat on the water, not. You should immediately notice the skimboard moving slightly.
  3. Next hop on the skimboard and ride the residue. This can be done one of two ways, first perpendicular to the ocean, skimming along the wake of the wave until the next wave moves in. Or, you can ride it out to sea and surf the next wave back in before it breaks.
  4. The key is to maintain your balance on the skimboard and move where it takes you. You cannot ‘steer’ a skimboard like a skateboard or surfboard. It is meant to skim along the water. As you advance, there are other things you can so that will enable you to mimic surfing but until then, take it as it comes.

Remember to have fun with it.  Skimboarding can be quite fun and, as you advance in skill, you can later do tricks. As you can see this is a very basic form of surfing, it is fun and easy to learn.

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