How To Slalom On Water Skis

If you feel you have mastered water skiing, why not try to learn how to slalom on water skis. This is a great way to spice up this activity. Sure, water skiing on two feet can be fun, but it loses its novelty after a fashion. This is when you want to give slalom water skiing a try. Of course, learning how can be slightly challenging, but with a little bit of practice, you can master the sport in no time.  

To learn how to slalom on water skis you will need:

  • Slalom Ski
  • Boat
  • Ski rope
  • Life Vest
  1. Set your feet. In the water, position your feet into the slalom water ski. Your weaker leg, or the leg you feel least comfortable with, will be in the front boot of the ski. Your stronger leg will then of course be in the rear boot of the ski. The stronger foot is placed in the rear because it is the foot you use to steer with as you slalom. As the boat pulls, you will be required to place pressure on this foot in order to keep yourself under control.
  2.  Grab a hold of the rope. With both feet snugly in the boots of the water ski, grab a hold of the rope. With the palms of your hands down, your hands should relate directly to your feet. The hand on side of the front foot should be place on top. Just like in a regular skiing, when you slalom on water skis, your arms will remain at the sides of your body at ninety degree angles.
  3. Get Up. After signaling the driver of the boat, prepare yourself to be pulled up and out of the water. When you start, make sure you keep the tip of your slalom ski facing up and clear of the water; if it is submerged it will just pull you back down. Also, remember, that just like normal water skiing, the rope should be drawn tight before the driver fully accelerates. You will get up just like normal, using the force of the pull to draw you up, remembering to pull against the force.
  4. Take control. When you slalom on water skis, remember you are in control, not the boat. So keep calm. Use your rear leg to steer. It may take a lot force, as the boat has a tendency to pull you out of the water. For maximum control, you will always want to be actively pushing your slalom water ski back down towards the water.



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