How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

Most people sleep with their eyes closed, but there are some ways to learn how to sleep with your eyes open. Most people do not need to sleep with their eyes open, however doing this at times might be useful. Sleeping with your eyes open is not truly sleep, but more like a trance or a state. The best way to attempt to sleep with your eyes open is awareness meditation or something similar. Some people, especially children, can and do truly sleep with their eyes open, but it is not a good thing but actually a sleep disorder symptom. Learning how to sleep with your eyes open should not be thought of as a restful moment, but more of a relaxation method during the day.

  1. The first thing to do in order to realize how to sleep with your eyes open is actually relaxing or resting with your eyes open. When awareness meditation is utilized, the person enters an extremely tranquil place, but at the same time being totally aware of what is going on around you and your life.
  2. In order to engage in this meditation, the first thing to do is to lay down. The best position is laying on your back. Be sure that you are totally comfortable by relaxing all of your muscles.
  3. Your eyes at this point do not have to be completely opened. Half way opened is fine. Simply find a comfy, natural position.
  4. Try not to look around your surroundings. Try to focus on one certain item, but do not actually think about the item. You don't want to be scrutinizing an item, instead you just need to be looking at it which will help with the mindfulness meditation.
  5. In addition to not thinking about one item, do not think about any one thing such has what has happened during the day or what you will be doing tomorrow. Just let your consciousness flow normally.
  6. Stay in one place. You might be thinking of other things if you are wiggling around or rolling over which is not part of the method. Fidgeting is sometimes what ruins "awake-sleep".
  7. Some people do better sleeping with their eyes open when in the dark, but you can also meditate with a light on. If all of a sudden your eyelids feel heavy and close, don't become less relaxed or get up and give up. Just start back from where you were.
  8. Some people feel that noise is distracting. Some feel that music through headphones work the best during meditation. It has also been proven that MP3s or CDs are better than radio because of the interruptions of the commercials. 
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