How To Slide In Softball

Learning how to slide in softball is an important skill to learn. Sliding into a base correctly can be the difference between being safe or being called out. Also, the proper technique for sliding into a base can prevent injuries to the base runner and the opposing player. You will need to practice sliding in order to become comfortable doing this and to develop confidence in your base running and sliding ability.

To learn how to slide in softball, you will need:

  • compression or "sliding shorts"
  • a softball base or square object to simulate a base
  1. Sprint as fast as you can to the next base. Your head should be down, while keeping an eye on the ball out of the corner of your eye. You will need to be able to locate the ball in order to time your slide and determine whether sliding is necessary.
  2. Prepare to slide. Approximately four to five feet away from the base, you need to get into the sliding position. The leg that is closet to the pitcher, or your inside leg, will become your tucked leg. Drop your tucked leg down toward the ground.
  3. Place your lead leg out in front of you. This is the leg that will make initial contact with the bag.
  4. Place your arms straight above your head. You want to do this to avoid your arms, fingers, or wrist from being caught underneath of your body or sprained.
  5. Make sure your lead leg touches the bag. Your momentum will be carrying you at a fast rate of speed. Use your tucked leg to control your body and stop you on the bag.
  6. Practice this skill in order to perfect it. Work on your timing and the position of your body. Practice sliding by doing it slowly and taking your time. Once you have your foot work down, you can  progress to sliding full speed. This will give you the confidence to be able to slide in softball.
  7. Invest in a pair of compression or "sliding shorts." They are padded on the outer thigh, the area that is susceptible to scrapes and bruises when sliding. They will protect you and give you confidence because you know that you will not get cut or scraped when sliding.



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