How To Slip Punches In Boxing

Need to know how to slip punches in boxing? Learning how to slip punches in boxing is essential to becoming a good defensive boxer. It goes hand in hand with the parry and being able to slip and avoid punches in boxing in the ring. Take the following into consideration to learn how to slip punches in boxing.

  1. Analyze your opponent. You will need good reactions and timing, but this is not enough. Take note of your opponent's tendencies in order to give yourself an advantage over his style and typical punches.
  2. Move your head slightly out of the way of the punch. To perform the slip, all that is needed is a slight head movement. Moving too much will not allow you to stay balanced, and it will give your opponent a great way to get some target practice in for the day.
  3. Be aware of a couple of grave mistakes. First, never move your head where it was. If you do this often, you will get hit. Second, as you slip the punch, move to the outside in order to avoid other oncoming punches. This technique is also beneficial for counterattacking, as you get out of your opponent's comfortable angle and you can close in on him to react.
  4. Always keep your hands up. Becoming proficient at slipping punches in boxing doesn't give you an excuse to not keep your hands up. Keep them up to enhance your defense, and to use other techniques such as the parry. You also need to keep your hands up to be able to counterattack quickly.
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