How To Slow Dance

If you want to know how to slow dance, then you probably have an upcoming event-a wedding, prom, or other dance-where you'll be expected to slow dance with a partner. If this is so, don't worry. Anyone can learn to slow dance, even those of us with two left feet. Just read this handy how-to guide for the two best slow dances, have a couple drinks (but don't get drunk, please), and hit the floor with your best gal.

  1. The Standard. This is the easiest partner dance to do. Lead your partner to the dance floor by holding her hand or with her holding your elbow. When you find a free spot, turn and face her, placing your right hand on the small of her back and holding her right hand in your left hand (your hands should make a "C" shape – don't weave your fingers together as this makes turns very difficult). If you're leading, then you can direct your partner by using your hands to nudge her in the direction you want her to go. Leaving about four inches between each other, move in a clockwise direction. Keep your right foot more or less planted in place and rotate around it. Step to your left on the "one" beat, to the right on "two," to the left on "three," and to the right on "four." Don't rush things; you'll look better and feel better if you both take your time.
  2. The Waltz. Once you've got the standard slow dance mastered, you can change things up with the waltz. Assume the same position as above. What's tricky (but not too tricky) about the waltz is that you take a long step followed by two short steps. (The short steps are so small that they are sometimes done without moving at all.) Begin on the left: on the "one" beat, take a long step with your left foot, then bring your right foot beside the left in a short step, and then take a short step with your left. Next, take a long step with your right foot, bring your left foot up to it in a short step and take a short step with the right. In this way, make a small circle on the dance floor or move in a clockwise patteren around the whole dance floor.

Oh, and one last tip: eye contact. Keeping good eye contact with your partner is essential for making sure that you stay coordinated. Whatever else you do, relax and have fun.

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